Hey there family, I was wondering if I could borrow your mind for a second? It’s cool bet, well let’s talk about life then. Im not going to give you the Webster’s dictionary meaning but the I’m hoping to figure something out version. Like when your upgrading your phone and you have to decide galaxy are IPhone? We live about thirty years then find out we knew nothing at all. Then spend about two more realizing the things are parents told us we’re SO true!

But I have to share this jewel with my family (you) . Life really is what you make it, the attitude and energy you pour into it molds your path. Hard work, consistency and a lil luck does the rest. Because check out this, remember that whino in the hood? The one you’re mother said was at that same corner when she was a child. How in the trumps red hair does he live so long, seriously he’s always happy and smiling and out lived 75% of the neighborhood.

Here is how, his perspective on life, see every time you saw him he was smiling, and upbeat like a temptation song. I found out the hard way about outward energy being real. The energy you put out is the world you live in. Your attitude molds the thoughts you think and your tongue produces the words that become your actions. Remember that next time you start to say this world ain’t shit, because you live your life in your world that you made, so what would that make you!’


That Spiral!!

Have you ever watched your life play out your future in front of you,as if you were watching a movie? You know like a virtual reality game? I know it sounds like I’m off the deep end are my bread ain’t done all the way, but I’m sane! The feeling I’m talking about is that upward and downward spiral we get trapped in. For me it was mostly downward but that was then, things changed a lil bit.

I remember when I was on parol, I know my p.o used to wonder if I was stupid, crazy, are homeless! I mean you would have to be one of the three to move the way I did, basically like you were allergic to the streets. But I could always sense when my iron vacation was coming, and I would watch myself from foreign eyes as that spiral tossed me all over dumb dumbville. No lie, I would just be like it’s crowded out here, I can’t take it I’m out!

But this new spiral this upward one of progression, really is like a movie. I catch my self reliving moments, that’s like rewinding. But actually living the moment that you want to remember is the feeling I’m trying to explain to you all. Because when we love the life we’re living and enjoying every second of every minute, you wake up feeling like a movie star! Almost like you walk down the street and PAC’s picture me rolling just start playing! So please don’t cut the power are turn on the lights, just watch the show with me as something great unfolds!!

Another sparked match

It all started with a phone call, a call that turned me into a zombie 🧟‍♀️ for three long years. But those three years turned into the motivation i needed, the kind of motivation only the super arrogant can get! The kind of motivation that turns you into a real life superhuman. No longer do you understand that your not supposed to accomplish certain things. That it’s not normal for someone of your background to be able to converse about the things you speak about. That someone who has been thru hell can only see the positive side of the struggle and still have no malice in there heart!

That motivation sparked a match, and my gasoline blood started boiling . It boiled me to the point where steam came from my eyes, ears and nose. That led me to sleepless nights filled with visions of success and prosperity for those around me. See I finally figured out this Respected Rejects thing was not a accident. God was getting fed up with me and my revolving door of self hate, suicidal lifestyle, and wise man words with dumb decisions! He was tired of me only complaining to him about what I didn’t have and wondering why I was so disrespectful to him. So he threw some of the devils sweat on me. That shit burned me like untreated chlamydia!!

But when I cried out about the burning pain inside me, he gave me a drink. He said here drink this. I said what is it? He said tap water but I blessed it! It will quench that thirst for stupidities you have. I guzzled it down and been on point like a arrow since!!!


I was sitting in my lazy boy reclining with my size 11 Air Force 1’s kicked up when I started replaying this journey called life. Damn fam this been a long route I done ran so far, but I loved every moment. I hear a lot of people complaining about having to take the stairs to success. Well I’m a say this, wouldn’t you hate to have taken the elevator and then find out how weak your legs are?

For real tho, like you was playing some full court ball and realized you ain’t never do the practice routes. So know you looking like a rookie, and the sad part is you the most talented player on the court! But you never got your stamina right! See that’s the reason why when I turn the ball over I don’t panic. I know I can hawk my competition down like Labron in the playoffs, can you say off the glass for the get back? Right, all the flights of stairs I went up in life got my calves strong, wind right and mental on point. That’s why you see me give you that dumb ass grin when I mess up, because I been there before. Plus I’m in the best shape of my life, game time!!


The other day I was at the gym getting me a couple sets of some bench presses. Doing the course of my second set I started talking to God. I said father why is it that I’m constantly crashing? His response was ” what you mean, making mistakes doing things I don’t want you to? I laughed and gave him that unorthodox smirk of mine, then said I guess you can say that. So we were just kicking game back and forth. When I got into the sixth rep of my last set I started feeling weak. I felt the weight getting ready to slam into my chest, I screamed Lord spot me please, I need your help!

Now I’m really starting to panic as this weight is getting heavier, arms shaking and getting weaker and weaker. God please I called out, he said no son and whispered this in my ear. I will never put more weight on you than you can handle. Around that time it was like I got a second wind, cause I pushed that weight off my chest and felt strong once again! Then he whispered in my ear one more time. Son you are never crashing, but only failing we’re it’s meant for you to.

See I gave you the gift of free will, but that does not mean that you choose your own path. Please don’t think I’m wrong for placing this gift upon you, but you will never waste some of my best work on anything that is not my way! So remember when something you think you want doesn’t go correct, it’s me gently pushing you in the right direction!

How me and Lucifer fell out!

Here goes a tale of how two brothers became sworn enemies, well they were not brothers by blood but brothers by lifestyle choices. The two met when the youngest, we will call him D was mad at the world, he felt underprivileged and left out. Well he was outside walking around with a fuck the world look on that baby face that had seen to much in his short life. When the bigger brother, we can call him Lucifer saw this look of hate, anger and despair and instantly smiled. See Lucifer had a million brothers and sisters and all of them had met him with this same look on their face. So he walks up to D and sparks a conversation and tells D he knows how he feels and how he has been in his shoes, and D being young and easily influenced likes the idea and the brotherhood began.

Well the two were attached at the hip after that day, and the fact that he finally found what he thought was love allowed him to miss the signs that he was being used. Then one day Lucifer asked him to do something to someone who they were kinda close to. So he asks Lucifer why, dude part of the family he good people bro! Lucifer tells him, fuck dude he be talking to them suckas that’s always talking that peace shit, he getting soft and I think he might switch on us. So D looked at him and all these thoughts with questions behind them just hit like a brick. So he says Lucifer would you kill me if you thought I was getting soft? Lucifer frowned and said I kill my mother if she switch, so you already know!

D’s heart dropped because it was like Picasso had just painted a mural of his life. With Lucifer putting a dozen knives in his back. So he said damn bro how you say you love me but then let me know you a kill me with the same mouth? Lucifer laughed at him and said I made you boy, watch your mouth! D’s mind was thinking a thousand different things at the least. But when it focused on one thought he said. Lucifer you soft, I have noticed you do nothing your self all you do is talk! I been around you forever and noticed I’m the only one to ever suffer, I have let you mack me out of twenty years of my life! I watched you get rich while I barely got by. So check this out, if you made me you can make another!

Not there job

This morning I listened to Will Smith talk about faults and responsibilities. About how we get them mixed up with one another, about who takes up the responsibility part. Like if someone does something to you that causes you emotional damage. Even though it’s there fault is it there responsibility to fix it? No it’s not, it is your responsibility to fix that issue, your responsibility to pick up the pieces and super glue your heart back together. As much as we all love to place responsibility upon others, it’s not always correct.

When you were young and you broke your mothers good dishes, it was your fault that they got broken. But who’s responsibility was it to replace them? You were the one at fault but she was the one that took the responsibility to correct the problem. Just think if we applied that mindset to a lot of are problems in life. Imagine how many relationships we could have refurnished. I know my life would have been a lot different if I knew how to take responsibility years ago. So before you complain about how someone else needs to correct a issue. Ask yourself this, who is it affecting?