How do you treat random people?

I heard something today that grabbed my soul by the throat! I was on my way home grooving to Miguel’s War & Leisure track number 12. When he said you can judge a mans integrity by the way he treats those he doesn’t need in his life. Now I was amazed that such a strong statement came from an R&B song, then I had to analyze the way I treated those types of people. Now we all know how people treat you when they need you, like royalty! Bro I love you, are you a real ass dude that’s why I rock with you.

So know I’m sitting here really thinking about how I treat people that have no meaning to me. You know like random people I bump into in stores and other situations. Now I’m not trying to brag, but I treat everyone like royalty, because I feel like we all are! Plus I remember times I was in a bad place in life and someone flipped me out of it with a simple gesture of love. So I try and pray daily that I can help someone else like that. Now before I end this I suggest that you evaluate the way you treat those people you don’t even know, then ask your self do you want to be treated like that?


The Real Big Bang Theory!

Let me tell you a story about the Big Bang theory. Well way back in the day the planets and the sun and the moon used to hang with each other. They had a lil clique called the solar boys and the sun was the leader. Everyone was winning, mars and the earth was like brothers and Pluto was everyone’s baby bro. Them guys was the real deal they used to have a bond that gravity couldn’t break. But guess what could and would break that bond, you guessed it a female!

In every circle there’s a star and the sun was the star in the Solar Boys. Mars and the Sun were best friends, any time you seen the Sun you saw Mars. But Mars always used to say that the Moon was hating on the Sun, the Sun used to be like that’s bro man you tripping leave dude alone. So one day Saturn had a lil function and invited his half sister Venus. The function was live, they were having the time of their lives. As usual Sun was shining extra hard and had his eyes on Venus when Moon started showing what Mars was talking about. He pulled Venus off to the side and started in with some legendary hate! Not knowing Venus was a thorough chick and didn’t like suckers. So she tells Saturn and he pulled up on Pluto to see if lil bro could kill the drama before it started.

But I forgot to tell you all Pluto was a real gangster with a lil mans complex! So Earth notices Pluto mugging Moon and asks Mars what’s cracking! When the Sun slides off with Venus to go get some more drink all hell broke loose. Pluto had went and grabbed his thump thang and told Mars what was up. That’s all Mars needed, he had been waiting for the day he get rid of the Moons shade! So the Moon sensed his hate was the object of the tension he felt. So he started leaving as the Sun and Venus were pulling up and Pluto, Mars, Earth and Saturn came out to. Uranus was just know pulling up to the function, late as usual. When Pluto living up to his nickname Thumper, let it ring out BANG! That’s how it happened I tell you !!!!

My Confessions!

I have a confession to make to the world! I’m a addict,I have pre marital sex ,I’ve made children out of wedlock. I have lustful thoughts, I curse, I drink and I’m known to get money out the streets! But guess what else I do, I love the lord I love my family and I have a pure heart and would go to Mars and battle a Martian for one of mines! I’m serious tho, so stop laughing at me. I’m telling you this because I don’t want to say that I was once you! Because I am you and always will be!

So people of the church quit making us who have just as much faith as you and maybe more feel like SHIT because we enjoy some of are fleshy desires. Because you have more discipline than me does not make you more holly! Show me we’re it says in any holy book that I cannot be a child of the lord because I stumble from time to time? And no this is not a attack on the churches, this is a plea for understanding? Because if you make us feel bad are like We are walking on egg shells YOU will never be able to reach US!

Dust it off and laugh 🤣😂😅😆

If you was walking down the street and tripped and fell what would you do? Get up off the ground and dust off your Polo right? Well that’s what you do when you get off the road to achievement. It’s never too far away from you, so act like you playing hop scotch and hop back in the game. Embarrassments can make you think less off your self when your self expectations are high. The trick to beat that issue is this, being able to laugh at yourself. Yes it’s simple math, humor take away pain equals what? A piece of mind and a humble heart that lets you grow in life.

How did I come up with this equation, well probably from being a goofy dude that’s always crashing but never quitting! I’m still dusting off dirt from the nineties and accumulating more daily. So I’m a finish this so I can dust off last nights mistakes, I catch you all later,and please don’t forget to laugh and live and try again!


Can someone tell me which is more expensive, the price of success are the price of happiness? Which one has the lower taxes to pay, having money are having a piece of mind. I can’t tell you the answer because guess what my daily mission is? To achieve either of the two. My whole life I watched from the backseat of a car called I wish,that was driving by broken promises. But soon as I was able to drive I got my own car called by ANY MEANS! With my homie GOOD INTENTIONS riding passenger and my DUDE NEVER FOLLOWS THRU in the backseat.

We went on a twenty something year voyage of high speeds and break downs in that lemon till we got another car called Making it happen! She was a sexy sedan with enough room for us and others. NEVER FOLLOWS THRU got replaced by my day one called THE BEST I CAN DO! He was the X factor that helped us start the new trip down Successful Valley towards Goal City. BUT I’m a have to cut this short because it’s my turn to drive and I can’t afford another ticket for being on my phone while driving, so I’m get back with you all when we hit Goal City!

Rebel are Retard ⁉️

Answer this for me someone, am I a rebel if I follow a trend that can cause me to loose everything I achieved? Even if the trend was a political statement that needed to be addressed! Are would I be a retard for exposing my hand when I’m in a position to do more by staying silent and helping others get to a place we’re they could make a real difference. How about this one, am I a rebel if I decide to not act hood even if I’m from the slimiest of slums, if I got good grades and was recognized for my brain instead of being able to play sports? Are would you call me a nerd are a geek!

Would you think less of me if I cried when i was hurting inside my head, are would you listen to me complain with an open ear and a understanding heart? Then tell me stop acting like a bitch and man up bro it’s nothing, WE going to be good! How about this am I square for finding a female and cuffing her turning her into wifey, are did I just complete my circle? All this got me wondering myself am I loosing my G card and becoming a lame, naw it’s just me becoming a super OG, with the super power of real life experiences!

Message from God

Once again it’s me running my mouth about random stuff that some people feel are pointless. But if you living and not just breathing you understand my words. With me saying that today I’m speaking on confidence,probably one of the most important things you need to have for yourself. Now the book definition says a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Which to us means feeling like you can do things with out a doubt. Now what happens when your confidence tank runs out of gas and you broke so you can’t go purchase some. You know like going to the mall and getting new clothes are a car after a heart break are something like one.

I’m a tell you cause I know, you feel dumb! The simple things that made you glow and illuminate in life seem like Chinese algebra! When I allowed my ego to get cracked, yeah it was cracked but never broken. I was not that dude who everyone knew. Hell it was so bad that GOD hit me up like Dude what’s up with you I’m hearing stuff? Please tell me you ain’t let the hate demons steal your swag. Real talk that’s how he came at me, then he said bro I know you’re no angel and indulge in some things I don’t condone, but I need you to bring that glow back, the world not only needs it….but I enjoy it. So I sat there thinking and looking in the mirror. Then I told myself YOU ARE THAT GUY live like it look like it and act like it. So if y’all ain’t noticed yet that DUDE is back!!

Sparking Matches🔥

Well well here I go again, I said I was done writing but I just might have added a new item to my addiction cart. I wanted to share another one of my life lessons I just went through with you all. If you know me then you know I been trying to turn my rap sheet from D.O.C to C.E.O. So I been struggling like for real so my vision been kinda cloudy. So I got a couple of dollars last week and guess what my first thought was? You already know, Nique told Dom boy go get that bag 💼 and run it up fam. Usually Dom would be like hell naw, but not this time. He was like I got you bro let’s get it!

But luckily I went and interviewed a individual who sparked that match in me. During the interview I asked him what inspired him to do the things he was doing. His response was he was told to be the change he wanted, now it was a good answer but it was a challenge to me. I swear it hit me like Foreman jab! I know motivation comes at the times you least expect it. So guess what Nique told Dom, bro let’s get this bag your way I think we can make it work fam! So if he can do it I know you all can. It’s time to be the change and put that complaining controller down and get off your cheeks and BE THE CHANGE!


People ask me all the time what is a respected reject, so I’m a try and say something to everyone and explain what it means. You remember the kids who never had the new clothes, the people in high school that was just there, never really fitting in. Just being underprivileged and knowing that you can never be what society wants you to be? How about the ones who lived in a gang infested area but would rather collect comic books instead of stripes! Then you got us who were just different from everyone around them. The days everyone would tell them you a weirdo, back then it kinda hurt😞. But fast forward to now and think about how it made you go so hard.

I remember just being a boy moving out the hood to a somewhat of a better place. 5th grade they had a bring your dad to school day at Butcher Green, and I’m like damn who going to take me, because you know how the late 80s was for a lot us, Moms was pops. So when I went to school that day, I realized I was a reject. My life was not what you saw on the t.v. It was what I thought was normal because that’s all I knew, till I was placed outside that science project called urban development. Look basically what I’m saying is anyone who ever felt like you are not part of your surroundings are you come from places that the world closes there eyes to your struggle. Any body with a disorder are handicap and you still stand tall through it all, you never stop feeling like that reject but you turned into a respected one. Take what they tried to use against you and make them love you for it!

A Diamond

How many know what it’s like to plot murder,suicide,robbery and revenge at the same time. To be in a place darker than than hell To want nothing more than to escape from the world, but then realize that you don’t have the heart to purchase that ticket of a one way out your life? That’s when your alter ego tells you that you going to be good,just lay back and climb out your feelings.

If you done been broke and strung out then YOU BEEN THERE! If you done lost someone you REALLY love,you been there. I know I been there a couple times, more than a couple to be honest. But see my alter ego is an arrogant cocky egotistical savage. The kind that could look at the plug like he wasn’t shit while purchasing his products. But this is what made me always be able to hold my head high no matter what. See I knew from a early age that even without a dime I was a diamond.