Thumbs up to the background ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

I have to take the take the time to salute everyone who works the jobs everyone thinks of as unimportant. The jobs that most of us arrogant and superficial people laugh at. I recently started a job as a dishwasher,and on my life it made me realize what it takes to get up and put on that uniform and face reality. To do the dirty work the hard work for the lower pay and pray for advancement is a real job. Especially when the job you do can arguably be considered the most important. Yeah I know I sound crazy but a restaurant can have the best food and most polite service. But who wants to eat of of dirty plates? Who wants to even think of catching what the person who just ate of the plate left behind!
And I'm not just speaking about dishwashers,I'm talking about all the jobs that are in the background of any organization. Any job that sends you home tired and filthy wishing you could find a way out to the better life. All this makes me realize how strong the parents who do slave labor only to support their kids are. It seems that we have gotten away from this to the fantasy life of the entertainers and fuck are lil bag trying to compete with them. Maybe it's some of us trying to overcompensate are failures and shortcomings with living a life that doesn't be what we think.i don't know but I just wanted to take the time to shoot a thumbs up to the background people,because with out you there is no team.

The true๐Ÿ”บoffense!!!

Have you ever sat back and analyzed a situation where the most talented are qualified could not prevail? Like in sports,I'm a use one of my idols the Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas fight. No way in a free world should he have won that match,according to the stats and natural talent of Mikes super upper cut. But guess what came into the life of Mike that haunts some of the best to ever do anything in life. Arrogance and ignorance,two gangsters that have yet to face a defeat. When Mike decided to challenge these guys every other obstacle he thought he overcame took this chance to get a solid punch in.
I'll put this in the description of a every day battle we face so you can feel me a little better. Healthy living,yes it sounds like a flat line easy to follow issue right. It fooled me to,its one of those things that we always end up fighting the two gangsters because we feel like we're already living right. Like this you might be eating right working out and sleeping more. But your stress level is at a million. I found out that healthy living involves mind,body,and soul in order to work. See that's the real triangle offense,just like in the N.B.A when ran right virtually impossible to beat. We have all heard the story of someone who had a strong mind and incredible faith that beat the unbeatable health issue. That's an example of what I mean. When you have a solid foundation of faith in what ever higher power you choose, it's easier to balance a routine that brings the other two in check. Your mind eases and in turn your body functions better.
Visualize a triangle with higher power at top which motivates the soul and trickles down to mind which transfers over to the body. So hopefully this can motivate you into giving it a try and if it's not enough watch me like you watch T.V.!!!

What happens to your mind when you die?

Have you ever wondered were your mind goes when you die? I know it’s a crazy question,but it’s a good one. Its one of those things that eveyone has wonderedaboutbutonlyafewchoosetospeakaboutit.Thetopicofdeathisonethathasamixed effectoneveryone,hellyourpeersmightthinkyoursuicidal if you speak on it to much. But were does your mind go? Does God allow the priceless knowledge of things you can only learn b y going through lifes crazy challenges dissaper. Are does he choose one of his favorites and bless them with those priceless gems.
Have you ever heard the saying “you have an old soul,are they act like they have been here before”? Those are some of the th ings that can fuel the thought of knowledge being passed down by a higher power. What about this theory, that it is encoded in your d.n.a. basically saying that you inherit your parents and ancestors knowledge. That right there is a scary reality to me because if you have children you have toyed with the thought. But let me enlighten and frighten you with this. If that is the case could you imagine how we could change the fate of this world with the things we allow to hold space in are mind. Just imagine if we filled are mind with happy memories and useful knowledge instead of the mental scares that build fear and hate.
Yes we must never forget the evil things that occur in this world but mabey if we focused on the things that allowed us to smile and build eachother up we may not be so scared to bring children into this cold world. This might be a little far fetched, but what if the media didn’t brainwash us into thinking that there was no good left in this world would we open up to greatness. I wonder if there is a way to show us a life of love and happiness without hiding reality from us. You know,like for every terrorist attack they show can they show a story of criminal turned citizen, cancer being beat,h.i.v patients t cell count going back up maybey even a marriage on the rocks being rebuilt. I don’t know maybe im just to much of a dreamer are living in a different world called”LETS GET IT TOGETHER”!

The most important thing in life is…..

I sat at home in my recliner trying to figure out what was the most precious gift the lord gave us. I mean I really beat my brain trying to figure it out,and guess what I came up with. Happiness, yes happiness is even more precious than life to me because what is life without happiness? It's hell that is exactly what it is, and money with out happiness is a burden. You know happiness is the original super glue that held are ancestors minds in place throughout all the atrocities that still give us nightmares.
We all watch the interviews of the P.O.W veterans and think how did they survive that. Well I can only guess that they snuck a bottle of that super glue called happiness and cut it with some faith. I'm one of the first to admit I over look that so important gift and focus on what I think will bring me happiness. When I bump into one of the elderly that I like to call O.Gs. And the fact that me growing in a positive way an get them to flash that smile that makes you bow your head like you 6 years old again. It just seems to wipe all the doubt out of my eyes and replace it with reality. Reality that I'm blessed and progressing,and that I need to appreciate the joy of life while I still can.

Musical cell๐ŸŽผโ›“

Can you imagine being 21 years old and going to prison for one of the most looked down crimes in the world? Being told to bend spread and cough in a room full of dudes you never seen in your life. Your only son just turned two and you had to wish him a happy birthday through telepathy. But you a soldier so you man up and only cry at night with your face in your pillow so your celly can't hear you.
Can you imagine thinking you on your way home then one day a caseworker tells you that your maximum release date is 2015 and it's only 2000! So you take the paper with your dates and walk across the yard covered in snow in your duck coat and state boots. But you got youth on your side so you can bounce back and act like it never happened. Just push it to the back of your mind and go watch 106&park smoke TOP and drink coffee and fantasize your on the streets.
After 2years it gets better you learned the ropes and been around some guys that told you this."Youngster I been gone 20 years and my P.O ain't even born yet,which means I'm never going home. Wow how can you fix your mouth to cry when he smiles knowing he can never hug his kids again. But then this happens you lose your uncle and grandma in the same month,are close to it.
So you finally get paroled,you thanking god,your family all around your daughter and son mother and everyone else. But the closest thing you had to a brother just took your place. Yeah my fam started his 15 year sentence as I was on my way out. So that's why I scream let's break the cycle it's real when over half the males in your family are playing musical chairs with cells!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO!๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    What do you do when your best isn’t enough in this world. When you want to do right but wrong is the only thing to keep you from a homeless shelter. Do you sat and starve are allow those who live great tell you to be patient and sat and wait till you starve to death. Listen to the people who don’t have your worries try and tell you how to deal with them. Are do say fuck it call Jose, and if he don’t pick up call Hector and say “migo me ambre”. 

       Go back to your hood and compete with K.F.C for who got the best original recipe? Are should you say I’m sorry but somebody need to look at this thumb cock(38 special)and take a ride to they house so they can explain how they made that 100 bands they bout to give you. I even have another option, find a Stella and say “rocka I ella do as i tell her”! All them shits sounds like the best plays till you remember that prior and persistent takes a c possession that carried 2-7and turns it to b that carries 7-15.

      Damn what to do, you want to tell them folks pack a lunch with a extra snicker and do their job. But your girl walks in and rubs your head and says “baby you want me to send the kids to my sisters house for the night? So we can try and catch up on those years we missed out on, then you realize ain’t no way you ever leave your family again!


     This is for the ones who think the trapp is a club let me tell you how a real day in the trap goes. You probably wake up call the dude with the bag so you can get a bag. Get your bag bust down and head towards the block,Circle the block and call the homie see who out there and if it’s hot are not before you park. You already got two of your personal knocks waiting on you so you hop out handling business asap! Listen close cause this is were all the glamorous shit disappears. You arguing with someone you grew up with because he trying to serve one of those waiting on you. Yes you ready to fall out with a childhood friend over 60 bucks.

     Fast forward to the night fall and only a certain group play the night shift,and you one of em. So you stash your pack and grab “your thump thang”(your gun) and hit the weed. Only a few play the night shift because anything goes at night,and best friends become enemies in the dark,believe that. How it doesn’t bother you that 4 of your closest comrades got downed right were you stand I don’t know. But the fact this dude you had words with earlier still out and looking like he got it on his mind is starting to annoy you. Plus you ain’t made shit for real and you got to see your p.o in the morning.

     So here it is 4:30 a.m and police keep circling the block this clown keep looking at you and you spent half of what you made on drink and pills. Know you a lil parinoid,your lady keep texting saying come home but you said you ain’t leaving till the pack done. “Hey peeps let me holla at you” that’s dude from earlier,nephew don’t go over there the lookout tell you. But he walking towards you,instantly you clutch.So you know what he does he whips out and you yank on em,1 2 3 times soon as he stumbles you see the dicks and try and run. All the while thinking if I would have listened to my broad I wouldn’t be in this, but fuck it. We all know what happens to young males holding guns. I’m not about to go into details but you ain’t think this was the action you were going to get at club T.R.A.P lady life gave you that good bye ๐Ÿ˜˜.