I have to take the take the time to salute everyone who works the jobs everyone thinks of as unimportant. The jobs that most of us arrogant and superficial people laugh at. I recently started a job as a dishwasher,and on my life it made me realize what it takes to get up and put on that uniform and face reality. To do the dirty work the hard work for the lower pay and pray for advancement is a real job. Especially when the job you do can arguably be considered the most important. Yeah I know I sound crazy but a restaurant can have the best food and most polite service. But who wants to eat of of dirty plates? Who wants to even think of catching what the person who just ate of the plate left behind!
And I'm not just speaking about dishwashers,I'm talking about all the jobs that are in the background of any organization. Any job that sends you home tired and filthy wishing you could find a way out to the better life. All this makes me realize how strong the parents who do slave labor only to support their kids are. It seems that we have gotten away from this to the fantasy life of the entertainers and fuck are lil bag trying to compete with them. Maybe it's some of us trying to overcompensate are failures and shortcomings with living a life that doesn't be what we think.i don't know but I just wanted to take the time to shoot a thumbs up to the background people,because with out you there is no team.


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