Have you ever sat back and analyzed a situation where the most talented are qualified could not prevail? Like in sports,I'm a use one of my idols the Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas fight. No way in a free world should he have won that match,according to the stats and natural talent of Mikes super upper cut. But guess what came into the life of Mike that haunts some of the best to ever do anything in life. Arrogance and ignorance,two gangsters that have yet to face a defeat. When Mike decided to challenge these guys every other obstacle he thought he overcame took this chance to get a solid punch in.
I'll put this in the description of a every day battle we face so you can feel me a little better. Healthy living,yes it sounds like a flat line easy to follow issue right. It fooled me to,its one of those things that we always end up fighting the two gangsters because we feel like we're already living right. Like this you might be eating right working out and sleeping more. But your stress level is at a million. I found out that healthy living involves mind,body,and soul in order to work. See that's the real triangle offense,just like in the N.B.A when ran right virtually impossible to beat. We have all heard the story of someone who had a strong mind and incredible faith that beat the unbeatable health issue. That's an example of what I mean. When you have a solid foundation of faith in what ever higher power you choose, it's easier to balance a routine that brings the other two in check. Your mind eases and in turn your body functions better.
Visualize a triangle with higher power at top which motivates the soul and trickles down to mind which transfers over to the body. So hopefully this can motivate you into giving it a try and if it's not enough watch me like you watch T.V.!!!


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