Have you ever wondered were your mind goes when you die? I know it’s a crazy question,but it’s a good one. Its one of those things that eveyone has wonderedaboutbutonlyafewchoosetospeakaboutit.Thetopicofdeathisonethathasamixed effectoneveryone,hellyourpeersmightthinkyoursuicidal if you speak on it to much. But were does your mind go? Does God allow the priceless knowledge of things you can only learn b y going through lifes crazy challenges dissaper. Are does he choose one of his favorites and bless them with those priceless gems.
Have you ever heard the saying “you have an old soul,are they act like they have been here before”? Those are some of the th ings that can fuel the thought of knowledge being passed down by a higher power. What about this theory, that it is encoded in your d.n.a. basically saying that you inherit your parents and ancestors knowledge. That right there is a scary reality to me because if you have children you have toyed with the thought. But let me enlighten and frighten you with this. If that is the case could you imagine how we could change the fate of this world with the things we allow to hold space in are mind. Just imagine if we filled are mind with happy memories and useful knowledge instead of the mental scares that build fear and hate.
Yes we must never forget the evil things that occur in this world but mabey if we focused on the things that allowed us to smile and build eachother up we may not be so scared to bring children into this cold world. This might be a little far fetched, but what if the media didn’t brainwash us into thinking that there was no good left in this world would we open up to greatness. I wonder if there is a way to show us a life of love and happiness without hiding reality from us. You know,like for every terrorist attack they show can they show a story of criminal turned citizen, cancer being beat,h.i.v patients t cell count going back up maybey even a marriage on the rocks being rebuilt. I don’t know maybe im just to much of a dreamer are living in a different world called”LETS GET IT TOGETHER”!


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