I sat at home in my recliner trying to figure out what was the most precious gift the lord gave us. I mean I really beat my brain trying to figure it out,and guess what I came up with. Happiness, yes happiness is even more precious than life to me because what is life without happiness? It's hell that is exactly what it is, and money with out happiness is a burden. You know happiness is the original super glue that held are ancestors minds in place throughout all the atrocities that still give us nightmares.
We all watch the interviews of the P.O.W veterans and think how did they survive that. Well I can only guess that they snuck a bottle of that super glue called happiness and cut it with some faith. I'm one of the first to admit I over look that so important gift and focus on what I think will bring me happiness. When I bump into one of the elderly that I like to call O.Gs. And the fact that me growing in a positive way an get them to flash that smile that makes you bow your head like you 6 years old again. It just seems to wipe all the doubt out of my eyes and replace it with reality. Reality that I'm blessed and progressing,and that I need to appreciate the joy of life while I still can.


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