Can you imagine being 21 years old and going to prison for one of the most looked down crimes in the world? Being told to bend spread and cough in a room full of dudes you never seen in your life. Your only son just turned two and you had to wish him a happy birthday through telepathy. But you a soldier so you man up and only cry at night with your face in your pillow so your celly can't hear you.
Can you imagine thinking you on your way home then one day a caseworker tells you that your maximum release date is 2015 and it's only 2000! So you take the paper with your dates and walk across the yard covered in snow in your duck coat and state boots. But you got youth on your side so you can bounce back and act like it never happened. Just push it to the back of your mind and go watch 106&park smoke TOP and drink coffee and fantasize your on the streets.
After 2years it gets better you learned the ropes and been around some guys that told you this."Youngster I been gone 20 years and my P.O ain't even born yet,which means I'm never going home. Wow how can you fix your mouth to cry when he smiles knowing he can never hug his kids again. But then this happens you lose your uncle and grandma in the same month,are close to it.
So you finally get paroled,you thanking god,your family all around your daughter and son mother and everyone else. But the closest thing you had to a brother just took your place. Yeah my fam started his 15 year sentence as I was on my way out. So that's why I scream let's break the cycle it's real when over half the males in your family are playing musical chairs with cells!


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