What do you do when your best isn’t enough in this world. When you want to do right but wrong is the only thing to keep you from a homeless shelter. Do you sat and starve are allow those who live great tell you to be patient and sat and wait till you starve to death. Listen to the people who don’t have your worries try and tell you how to deal with them. Are do say fuck it call Jose, and if he don’t pick up call Hector and say “migo me ambre”. 

       Go back to your hood and compete with K.F.C for who got the best original recipe? Are should you say I’m sorry but somebody need to look at this thumb cock(38 special)and take a ride to they house so they can explain how they made that 100 bands they bout to give you. I even have another option, find a Stella and say “rocka I ella do as i tell her”! All them shits sounds like the best plays till you remember that prior and persistent takes a c possession that carried 2-7and turns it to b that carries 7-15.

      Damn what to do, you want to tell them folks pack a lunch with a extra snicker and do their job. But your girl walks in and rubs your head and says “baby you want me to send the kids to my sisters house for the night? So we can try and catch up on those years we missed out on, then you realize ain’t no way you ever leave your family again!


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