This is for the ones who think the trapp is a club let me tell you how a real day in the trap goes. You probably wake up call the dude with the bag so you can get a bag. Get your bag bust down and head towards the block,Circle the block and call the homie see who out there and if it’s hot are not before you park. You already got two of your personal knocks waiting on you so you hop out handling business asap! Listen close cause this is were all the glamorous shit disappears. You arguing with someone you grew up with because he trying to serve one of those waiting on you. Yes you ready to fall out with a childhood friend over 60 bucks.

     Fast forward to the night fall and only a certain group play the night shift,and you one of em. So you stash your pack and grab “your thump thang”(your gun) and hit the weed. Only a few play the night shift because anything goes at night,and best friends become enemies in the dark,believe that. How it doesn’t bother you that 4 of your closest comrades got downed right were you stand I don’t know. But the fact this dude you had words with earlier still out and looking like he got it on his mind is starting to annoy you. Plus you ain’t made shit for real and you got to see your p.o in the morning.

     So here it is 4:30 a.m and police keep circling the block this clown keep looking at you and you spent half of what you made on drink and pills. Know you a lil parinoid,your lady keep texting saying come home but you said you ain’t leaving till the pack done. “Hey peeps let me holla at you” that’s dude from earlier,nephew don’t go over there the lookout tell you. But he walking towards you,instantly you clutch.So you know what he does he whips out and you yank on em,1 2 3 times soon as he stumbles you see the dicks and try and run. All the while thinking if I would have listened to my broad I wouldn’t be in this, but fuck it. We all know what happens to young males holding guns. I’m not about to go into details but you ain’t think this was the action you were going to get at club T.R.A.P lady life gave you that good bye 😘.


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